• Spray a thin layer of anti-stick spray on the silicone mould and place it on a tray.

    Heat up the egg, the yolk and the sugar until hot (max. 85 °C) while continuously stirring and then whip it into a mousse until it cools down.

    Add the cream and divide it into two portions.
    Mix one portion with the strawberries and the other with the cranberries.
    Put the mixtures into decoration bags and push layers of them in the prepared silicone mould.
    Finally, cover it with a thin layer of sponge cake.

    Freeze it overnight in the deep freezer. Before detaching the silicone mould, make sure that the parfait is frozen hard. Fill the holes only before serving.

    Recommended fillings:

    chocolate sauces, fruit saucec, vanilla custard


    Of course, the parfait can also be made with other fruits. If you don’t like tiny seeds, press the fruits through a sieve after beating. Birch or cane sugar can also be used. In order to make it easier the handle it’s worth making a double portion.