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General info about our Products

Zila Cake Moulds are design patented worldwide including in the European Union, United States, Canada and Australia.

Our silicone moulds are made of the best silicone available in the market. It's a thick and very durable matrial.
Every mould comes together with a stainless steel frame.

As an addition, you can buy stainless steel sheets to put the mould on it.

Also, it is required to use a separating agent. We suggest to use Aromatic Tarant, but you can use oils as well, or other type of separating agents.
Note that we cannot ship the separating agents to Non-European countries via air freight.

How to Buy?

You can buy our moulds in two ways:

  1. The simplest is to buy them here in the webshop and ask for
    1. shipping or
    2. local pickup at Zila Coffee House.
  2. Buy directly in Zila Coffee House.

You can pay for the moulds directly in Zila Coffee House - or you can prepay here in the webshop.

Zila Coffee House (Zila Kavehaz es Etterem)
Address: 452 Üllői út, Budapest, 1183, opening hours: Mon closed, Tue-Sat 10:00-22:00, Sun 10:00-21:00.
Payment methods in the Coffee House: cash, credit card, or prepaid in the webshop.

Please note: payment and shipping methods varies country by country.

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