• Award winning cake and technology!

    This cake and technology was awarded the Best Food Service Innovation in Dubai at Gulfood 2017, in February.

    It’s recipe is finally available, the cake is filled with liquid sauce, and i you slice it, it’s sides shows a heart shape all around the cake!

  • Wash the piglet cutlet in its skin and pierce the skin.
    Rub it with salt, pepper, caraway and garlic. Place it in a pan on top of some onion slices. Pour some oil onto so that the salt will not whiten on it.
    Cover with aluminium foil and place in the oven at 150 degrees.

    After about one hour and a half check its softness. When the meat has baked and has become soft, remove the foil and roast it until red and crispy at 250 degrees. While roasting, spread some beer on the skin with a brush.

  • Cook the beetroot until it’s tender with the ginger, honey and the orange juice seasoned with salt.
    Drain it and stew the rice in this beetroot juice until it becomes soft.
    Make the stewed rice and the beetroot creamy using hand-held blender, then add soaked, wringed and melted gelatine to it, fill the mix into the mould, and then cool it in the refrigerator.